Nelson Mandela once said: “People must learn to hate and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love.”

This idea of “choosing love over hate” sung by Her Brothers, is what drives the Canadian alternative rock band from Vancouver, British Columbia, to pursue the path of music and performance.

Together since 2008 and the only band to ever win Langley has Talent, brothers Gabe Penner (lead vocals, guitar), Josh Penner (bass guitar), Levi Penner (drums), and dad Jonathan Penner (keyboard), have been performing, at a wide variety of events along the West Coast of North America, including fairs, cafes, community gatherings, universities, and stadium events – shar- ing the stage with artists such as Hedley, Colbie Caillat, The Barenaked Ladies, Francesco Yates, SonReal, Daniel Wesley, and Jerry Doucette.

They’re also the current house band for Life+App, a local non-profit that hosts events designed to inspire positive change and social action within the community and abroad.

Because the band sees “music as a vehicle – an emotive trojan horse, capable of launching powerful conversations behind the walls of our intellectual arguments,” it’s only natural that they write and perform songs about things that matter: love, life, and the way we relate to each other.

Their debut album, SHE, released January 13th of 2015, was a response to Gabe’s experience travelling Southeast Asia with a film crew in 2013. Over and over Gabe witnessed situations that dehumanized women. Images of poverty, women being sold as slaves, caste systems that reduced the value of women, and degrading conditions that bound and prohibited women from reaching their full potential, stirred his soul. With every disturbing encounter, his heart was struck with the question: “What if this was my little sister?”

The “what ifs” lead to an idea “What if we could challenge men to stand up and fight for rights of women? What if one half of humanity were to stand up for the other half, for the benefit of all? What if we could change the way men view and treat women at home and around the globe?”

Her Brothers have had the privilege of performing and sharing this crucial conversation in numerous venues including We Day Vancouver to over 20,000 students and will be featured artists at Mighty Peace Day 2017. Headliners at Rotary Stadium’s Canada Day celebrations to over 10,000 people, they have also toured extensively to middle schools, high schools and elementary schools, both in British Columbia and Alberta, using music as the vehicle to bring the message of positive change beyond walls.

Driven by the idea that love is the final fight, Her Brothers play for change. It’s about launching conversations that matter. Not only challenging men to a higher standard in the way they view and treat women, but challenging both men and women toward mutual love and respect.






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